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Success Story: Bilkollektivet and Subscription Groups

How Oslo's largest carsharer tripled its user numbers


Until the beginning of 2022, Bilkollektivet served all customers with a "one-fits-all" offer. However, with increasing competition in the sharing market in Oslo, a new strategy was needed: Bilkollektivet analyzed its customers based on the intensity of their use and designed three different offers for new customers to choose from. As a result, not only did the number of users and regular income from membership fees increase, but so did user satisfaction.

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...why user-centricity is indispensable for Bilkollektivet Bilkollektivet stands out from the competition thanks to a subscription group

...why you can reach different target groups with subscription groups to set up and use subscription groups on the MOQO platform

“The most funny part is that while our most frequent users used to be the least satisfied and most prone to churn, these are now the most satisfied and loyal members we have.”

Morten Munch-Olsen, CEO bei Bilkollektivet

About Bilkollektivet

Bilkollektivet is the oldest and only profitable carsharing company in Norway. Since its foundation in 1995, the goal of offering a sustainable alternative to private car ownership has been at the forefront of all efforts.

What began as a voluntary association of friends has developed into a modern company. Today, it is organized as a cooperative, which means that customers can become co-owners and thus have the right to vote at the annual general meeting. All profits generated are reinvested in the company. 

Bilkollektivet offers station-based carsharing in Oslo and has been a MOQO partner since the beginning of 2021.

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