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Access for your users

Driver App

The app gives your drivers access to their mobility. Find, open, start - self-explanatory and intuitive, it guides users through every step of the booking process.

PLUS partners also have the option of using a white label app.


You want to use a service and have questions?

Responses to users questions

See the driver topics
Intuitive bookings - the user experience of your drivers

Access to your services

Automated Registration Process

Ads, mailings, postings - once you've made
your user base aware of your service, registration
happens in minutes.

Set up an account

Download the app and create a new profile. Users can then use this profile to register for your offers.

Validate driver's license

Verify driver's license through third-party providers, digitally or directly at your site. This means that only authorized persons have access to the vehicles.

Choose payment method

Payments are paid by credit card or SEPA. Different means of payment can be used for different offers.

Find suitable offers

Drivers can find public sharings on site directly via the app and register for your offer with an existing account.

Access by invitation

Your sharing offer is not meant for everyone? Regulate access to internal fleets or exclusive offers by specifically inviting users.

Add more offers

Drivers can add as many offers as they wish to the existing account. The respective business relationship then applies directly between the provider and the users.


Find and use vehicles

Intuitive Booking Process

Your drivers are guided intuitively and keep the overview.
You as the provider can store additional information for
drivers and receive direct feedback regarding the vehicles. 

Find suitable vehicles

On the map or list view, drivers can find available vehicles and filter them by time period and model.

Create a booking

Tariff elements and pre-calculation are displayed in advance, discount codes and quotas can be redeemed directly at the time of booking.

Access and open the vehicles

Via Bluetooth or Wifi, the app communicates with the vehicle and provides keyless access. Parking lots and building access are also possible.

Cleanliness and defects

Drivers can indicate defects and impurities on the vehicle. These are then reported to the provider.

Refueling and charging

Never charged or refueled a vehicle before? The app guides drivers and links fuel cards or charging cards to the vehicle.

Return and end booking

At the drop-off point, drivers complete the booking and receive a cost overview. As a provider, you receive feedback on the satisfaction of your users.

Define return criteria

You determine the criteria by which a vehicle must be returned. These include location and loading or filling conditions.

Keyless access and use

Once drivers have gained keyless access to the vehicle via the app, you choose by setting up your offers, if they will have trips made with the vehicle key or keyless via app.

Booking and invoice overview

Pending, ongoing, completed and cancelled bookings: In the booking overview, your users will find all bookings and costs listed.

Fee and payment management

Failed payment or late return? To ensure that your sharing runs smoothly and you are not left with potential costs, you can set up reasonable fees and manage payments.

Official or private

This differentiation offers added value for drivers, especially when it comes to fleet use in companies.

Sharing offers in your design

Branding and White Label App

Your brand is the focus, because it's about the user experience of your drivers in your sharing offers. This starts with the implementation of your logo and vehicle images. Starting with a PLUS partnership, you also have the option of using a white label app to further expand your branding. 

Key Features

Features and Details


Push messages

Get in touch with your drivers and share important information and actions directly via push notifications.

Updates and extensions

MOQO reacts to changes in the market, user feedback and new requirements from providers. And you as a provider will benefit from this with every update.

Friends Referral + Discount Codes

Work with the Discount Code Manager to strengthen your campaigns by using discount codes and the Friends Referral process to attract new users.

Additional web bookings

Drivers can also create new bookings via browser access and fleet managers can use this function to organize their teams' rides.

MOQO Light

Even without your vehicle linked to the platform, the app can be used as booking software with a reduced scope of services.

Different customer journeys

Map view or dashboard? Station-based or free floating? Through the settings in your sharing offers, you also influence the display and user experience.

MOQO live experience

Test the App

Besides any description, what counts most is practical experience with the product. Test the app in advance. Create an account and search for existing offers to gain initial experience.

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