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Fleet Management for Shared Mobility

Take Care of your Vehicles

As a fleet manager you take care of a lot of tasks at the same time. With our operations board you keep an overview, even with a large fleet. Setup, operate and iterate your service with your team. 

Additionally you can use our API-structure to connect with your own fleet software.


5 - 1000

vehicle fleet size

all types

of cars, bikes, mopeds

Identify, delegate and solve todos

Perform within your Operation Teams

Task Board

All tasks for your fleet on one central board. Tickets get created automatically by user or vehicle events. Additional tasks can be created and delegated fast. API can bring the data to your own software.

Updates and exchange directly on a task
Filter by member, task type and deadline to focus
Create your customized ticket processing via API

Vehicle Schedule

Keep track of vehicles, availability and upcoming maintenance slots. Add bookings as a manager and deep dive into vehicle detail pages. Customize the dashboard to have additional vehicle details directly in the overview.

High performance live view 
Schedule vehicles calendar entries
Vehicle detail pages directly integrated

Access Management

Define your operations team and set access levels for it and for your external service partners. Differentiate between provider account wide and sharing offer specific perspectives.

Provider-Team-Structure for optimal setup
Set your team members access level
Integrate your external service providers

Data, setup and vehicle care

Core of your Fleet: The Vehicle

In this section we take a look at the micro level of your Fleet: The single vehicle with its data management and settings.

On your provider dashboard you connect vehicles with the platform, with your provisionings and with the targeted user group.

Upload all data of your vehicles easily, so your drivers check all benefits of your offer.

Setup and platform integration

We support you in setting up the basics and enable you to work on the details.

Onboard Unit selection

You’ve got a free choice of vehicles due to a wide range of telematic connection suppliers.

Telematic options > 

Charging- / loading cards

Integrate charging and loading cards to your vehicles – we highly recommend it.

More details >  

Return Criteria

To have the vehicle prepared for the next trip, set return criteria that ensure the right location and battery/fuel-level.


Tax office compliant logbook data, with data directly filled by your drivers. This is optional related to your use case. 

Parking spot / Operation area

The parking spot and the operations area editor help you to quickly set up your vehicles areas.

Reporting and Overview

Damage Management

Around one third of fleet management efforts is spent in damage management tasks. Therefore it is mandatory to have a functional process for this set up in your operations team. The damage management feature, including maintenance mode on our platform is your best friend here. 

Drivers report directly on the damage and cleanness levels of your vehicles. Auto-created tasks for your Task Board give you an overview. The Maintenance mode feature helps you organize your repairing operations and keep drivers from booking.

Damage reporting views for all vehicle type
Overview of Reported damages
Reporting tool for soiling by users

Synchronize your Fleet Management Software

Go Pro via API

Of course large fleets need additional tasks to be solved in an automatized manner.

As MOQO we focus on Fleet Management for Shared Mobility operations, to deliver a high performance quality in our expert field. 

Therefore we deliver an API-structure that helps you to synchronize your data on our platform with your own fleet management software.

"Alternative mobility solutions are in high demand and flexibility is playing an increasingly important role. This innovative car sharing concept offers something for everyone. The offer is interesting for all those who want to share a car and combine sustainable mobility with state-of-the-art technology.“
Dominik Grimm
Project lead at sharetoo

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