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Make the rental of your vehicles attractive and efficient

The idea of offering vehicles on a loan basis is not new. Perhaps you already operate such a business model and have noticed the effort involved.

Car, bike or scooter sharing take a new look at processes and structures. Structures can be mapped digitally and processes automated.

At the same time, intuitive apps and freedom in designing your rate models ensure high user acceptance and thus increased utilization.

Best Practices

"Station-based rental does not always cover all eventualities. A customer would always be forced to return to the rental station without bike sharing. Now we can define alternative locations for the return, which increases the customer's flexibility and incidentally expands our visibility.“
Gorden Kiose
Owner Hotel Kiose & Bistro JOJO in Wenningstedt on the island of Sylt

How municipal utilities can benefit from sharing offers

Set up a car sharing scheme, run and manage it properly, work out benefits for cities and municipal utilities - download the EVL Limburg case study for free to learn more.

24/7 rental without manual effort

Automated processes and intuitive handling of your drivers reduce your workload and facilitate access to your vehicles. As a provider, you only operate on individual issues. Guide setup ⟶

Smart payment system offers options

The cash flow between you and your drivers is enabled via payment providers. You can activate bookings by credit card or SEPA direct debit. About the payment system ⟶

Use your branding

In the MOQO app, your offer appears with your logo and your vehicle images. This way, you create recognition value and can continue your brand presence in the app. For larger services, the use of a white label app is also possible. How marketing strengthens your sharing ⟶

User feedback for your analysis

Are your users satisfied or do you need to catch up? MOQO supports you as a provider with a feedback channel, directly in the app. In the provider portal, you can view the feedback and initiate appropriate measures.

Trusted migration of existing systems

You want to use the MOQO platform but already have an existing sharing system? The migration of users and offers has already been tested several times and the process has been continuously improved so that your operation can run smoothly during the move. Migration process ⟶

The decision between a station-based or a free-floating model represents a key point in the design of your offer. MOQO offers solutions for both approaches.

Key facts

Freedom of design and regulations

Tariff editor for attractive prices

With the tariff editor, you have the freedom to design and create suitable tariffs for all your vehicles separately. All common Tariff elements of the sharing industry can be mapped.

Subscriptions for various user groups

Turn satisfied users into subscribers. You can add as many offers as you like to a subscription group and thus target different user groups.

Discount codes and Friends Referral

Discount codes can be used, for example, to lower the hurdle to first-time usage or reactivation of inactive users. The Friends Referral feature rewards your existing customers who refer new users and thus make your service more popular.

Maintenance and cleanliness

Is it Time for regular maintenance or excessive soiling has been reported? Such conditions can be documented directly via the driver app. Operators can then put the vehicles into maintenance mode when needed. 

Damage reporting

Damages must be recorded by users. Preferably immediately, so that it can be clearly assigned when and with whom the damage occurred. The damage reporting feature simplifies the documentation in the app and automatically generates tasks for the provider in the portal.

Fees strengthen community

The users of your vehicles are a community. To ensure that this community acts properly and expenses incurred as a result of violations do not remain with operators, it helps to set up a fee catalog. This ensures proper behavior and general satisfaction.

All-in-one software

The Basis for All Providers

Driver app

Access to your vehicles. Drivers can find new offers, book vehicles, and manage invoices. All in your branding. About the app ⟶

Provider portal

Your central setup tool that lets you design offerings, monitor activities, and plan care - As a team and with an overview. About the portal ⟶

Setup and services

Simple processes and a Customer Success Team help with, for example, connecting new vehicles, migrating existing systems, 24/7 support, training and special issues. Connectivity ⟶

Features and modular design

Design individual offers in a modular system. Use numerous tools and features that can be easily added and customized. Features ⟶


  • Supported setup 

  • Complete tasks quickly in self-service

  • 24/7 customer service included

Recommended plans

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