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Connecting vehicles


Do you have clear ideas about which vehicles you want to use? Almost all vehicle types and models can be connected via telematics units. 

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Connecting vehicles

Sharing Ready Vehicles

To use vehicles in sharing operations, they must communicate with the MOQO platform via a telematics unit. Additional vehicles can be equipped with a telematics unit by MOQO service partners.


Select suitable vehicles

Use existing telematics

Use existing telematics units to connect vehicles to the platform.

Connect your fleet digitally

Equip existing vehicles with telematics hardware to make operations more effective.

Acquire new vehicles

Choose vehicles that make the most strategic sense and have the least constraints for your business model.


Selection and Supply 

Vehicles and Telematics Providers

Any new telematics units connected to the MOQO platform are extensively tested in advance. This ensures stable performance and that your sharing service is available 24/7.


From vans to the micro-compact, all car types can be integrated.


Provide smart locks and bike stations for commuters and day-trippers.


Connect popular brands and create an enjoyable driving experience.

The choice of the right OBU should be characterized above all by the future use cases. MOQO advises you on the selection.

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Keyless Access

Options for Access

All popular channels of communication are available (depending on the selected telematics unit). Drivers open the vehicle via the app, by RFID card or with the shortcut QR code usually found on the vehicle.

Reliable platform

Built to run stably - even under the heaviest of workloads, the MOQO Platform gives you a secure foundation for your sharing operation without "down time".

Support and driver assistance

Through support access, providers and drivers are supported 24/7 by experts who communicate directly with the vehicle.