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Carsharing Software

The classic in shared mobility is already part of everyday life for many users. Design appealing business models for your target group and choose vehicle types ranging from microcars to vans.

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The car sharing principle

Provide Cars and Enter Target Groups

Providing cars via the MOQO platform automates booking processes, promotes the utilization of vehicle fleets, and serves the mobility needs of selected user groups.

A wide variety of use cases

Efficiently manage company fleets, enable errands and shopping, promote short and weekend trips, serve users who are not permanently dependent on their own car, support local transport, reduce vehicles in the city and more.

With the modular structure of the MOQO platform, you can map your individual car rental model and expand it step by step.

Use cases ⟶

Design offers for your target group(s)

The focus is on the users of your fleet. So that they always know what to do, the MOQO app supports an intuitive booking process. As a provider, you can focus entirely on the design of your offers.

Find out what defines the target group you want to address. Based on characteristics, needs and whereabouts, you can derive the choice of appropriate car models, locations and required fleet strength. 

Driver app ⟶

Freely choose car models

From subcompact cars to vans, you can choose from all common vehicle models. By installing a telematics unit, (almost) all cars can be connected to the MOQO platform.

Do you have clear ideas about which vehicles you want to use? Most vehicle types and models can be networked via telematics units. MOQO coordinates the installation with you.

Connectivity with telematics ⟶

Start small and scale smoothly

From newcomers to established providers with unique requirements, use the MOQO portal to effectively design and manage your sharing offerings with any size team.

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Intuitive booking process

The app is your drivers' constant companion, providing assistance and the necessary information at every step of the booking process.


To get even more out of your car sharing, you can create additional access points for other user groups or expand your offerings multimodally to include bicycles or sit-on scooters.

"Alternative mobility solutions are in high demand and flexibility is playing an increasingly important role. This innovative car sharing concept offers solutions for everyone. The offer is interesting for all those who want to share a car and combine sustainable mobility with state-of-the-art technology.“
Dominik Grimm
Project manager sharetoo

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