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Partner Plans

Matching partner packages with an ideal price-performance ratio. Test small, grow smoothly and upgrade to add more features as you go.

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Partner Plans

In Comparison

Find the right partner plan for your project and offer your users the mobility of tomorrow today.


Your Own Shared Mobility Offer

Start quickly and

  •  Self-service platform
  •  24/7 driver support
  •  Platform updates


For Sophisticated 
Use Cases

Optimize your service with advanced features

  •  Automated billing 
  •  Advanced tariff components 
  •  Program API 


Your Brand 
In Focus

Excite drivers with your own app

  •  White label app 
  •  Free-floating sharing


Build Shared Mobility Structure

Market your shared mobility business

  •  Feature development on project basis
  •  Sublicense MOQO Services
  •  Full white label option

Scope of services

In Detail

You know your requirements? Here you will find the basic services neatly listed. Feel free to contact us for a consultation or detailed questions.

Product Updates

Self-service Platform

Support support team support team
support team
personal CS manager
Station-based Sharing
Billing manual automated automated automated
Tariff Editor basic advanced advanced advanced
Prevention Management basic advanced advanced

Program API

Marketing Tools

White Label App

for a fee for a fee

Free-floating Sharing


for a fee
Project-based Feature Development

for a fee


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The Platform for Your Shared Mobility Project

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What Means What?

A short description of each element can be found here.

Sharing providers benefit from the continuous development of the MOQO platform and receive cost-free access to new product features as part of the selected partner plan.

Information about free product updates is provided regularly in the newsletter and on the MOQO portal.

The setup and operation of sharing offers on the MOQO platform is handled by the sharing provider his- or herself. The MOQO portal provides access to all necessary functions within the framework of the selected partner plan to accomplish these responsibilities.


Support Team

The support team provides assistance with the implementation of sharing offers as well as immediate assistance in case of an urgent need. Inquiries are forwarded to the appropriate expert.


Personal Customer Success Manager

Large projects that require customized support are managed by a Customer Success Manager. This person manages implementation in collaboration with the sharing provider.

Station-based sharing, which supports offers in the trip types of "round-trips" and "one-ways", are included in all partner plans. Parking stations and return conditions can be individually defined for each vehicle.


Manual Billing

Invoicing to end customers is manually completed by the sharing provider. Invoices must be generated in compliance with VAT law.

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Automated Billing

After the completion of a booking, an invoice, which is valid for VAT purposes, is generated and sent automatically to the end customer.


Basic Tariff Editor

All standard elements for setting up a tariff model for sharing operations are included.

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Advanced Tariff Editor

The advanced tariff editor not only allows you to display common tariff models but also enables you to configure more complex models. Within just one tariff model, multiple use cases can be accomodated.


Basic Prevention

User management includes both automatically running and configurable preventative measures to ensure a safe operation. These include driver's license validation, fee catalog, and insurance management, to name a few.

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Advanced Prevention

Some preventative measures, such as the fee catalog offer advanced functionality. Additional controls such as credit checks can also be unlocked.

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Through various API connections, sharing providers can link other software providers to the MOQO platform.

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The ‘Friends Referral’ feature along with discount codes make it easy for end users to get started and stay engaged. 

(for iOS and Android)

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End customers gain access to the provider's sharing offer through a white label app. This app is based on the MOQO app, but the usual MOQO branding elements are replaced by those of the sharing provider. 

The style guide provides information about the customizable elements. 

All new developments for the MOQO App are incorporated into the white label apps. This ensures that 

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End customers can use this feature to organize last-minute carpools on short notice or manage existing long-term carpools.

The carpooling feature can be activated on a ‘team’ basis starting with the PLUS plan.

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With free-floating sharing offers, end customers can engage more spontaneously and park vehicles within a defined area. Because a certain fleet size and increased administrative effort are necessary to effectively manage this type of sharing operation, the free-floating model is only recommended for larger sharing providers.


Sublicensing  allows additional sharing provider accounts to be set up on the platform, enabling the ability to offer one’s own shared mobility service through the MOQO platform. 


Idea Board 

The Idea Board is used to submit suggestions for the further development of the MOQO platform. By collecting the requests in a central place, transparency is created and overlapping needs and potentials become visible. Based on the board, topics to be included in the product roadmap as well as feature development can be decided upon.


Project-based Feature Development

PREMIUM partners have the possibility to request feature developments on a project basis.