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All-in-one vehicle sharing solution

The Platform for Shared Mobility Providers

Car, bike, scooter sharing or even mixed mobility: With individual vehicles or a large fleet, you can become a shared mobility provider on the MOQO platform in just a few weeks. 

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Custom configurations

Specify numerous details to strategically address user groups and business goals.


Fine tuned offers create long-term customers. Your brand therefore is in focus, too.


Serve the needs of modern mobility in the city and in the countryside.

The perfect service for a wide range of providers

All Use Cases
Design rich - operate simple

All-in-One Software

There are several tasks in the everyday life of a sharing provider. It is important to have a system in which you can work efficiently in a team and use design freedom.

Driver App

Access to your vehicles. Drivers can find new offers, book vehicles, and manage invoices. All in your branding. Sharing Apps ⟶

Provider Portal

Your central setup tool that lets you design offerings, monitor activities, and plan operations - as a team and with an eye on the big picture. Portal and user roles ⟶

Modular Setup

You can flexibly add numerous modules and features without much effort. In this way, you can design tailored offers for your target group. Feature ⟶

Setup and Services

Simple processes and a Customer Success Team help you, for example, with the connection of new vehicles, the migration of existing systems and in special cases. You also receive 24/7 support and training. Connectivity with telematics⟶

Sharing offers are now shaping more than just the traffic of some metropolises. The transformation of the mobility industry offers you numerous opportunities to set up new business models.

Key Facts

Numerous Options


Start from scratch or migrate

It is your choice: Start with a pilot project (from 5 vehicles) or with your existing offer and users. Details ⟶

Extend user groups

For low volume drivers, frequent drivers, subscription customers, exclusive groups, business customers. Offer additional access to your fleet to increase utilization. Details ⟶

Use your branding

A likeable brand image for users increases loyalty. That's why your brand is also at the center of the apps.

Convenient marketing features

Create attention on all channels. Use the Friends referral process and discount codes including evaluation via the platform. Details ⟶

Free choice of vehicles

For the full range of functions, vehicles are connected via telematics units. This gives you a free choice between (almost all) vehicle types. Details ⟶

Continuous updates

The mobility market is constantly evolving. And so does the MOQO platform. As a partner, you benefit from new features and regular updates.   Details ⟶

Our vision

Together, Enable the Evolution of Mobility

To achieve this goal, regional sharing organizations need an optimally coordinated set of vehicles, software, telematics and processes. This will make it possible to provide mobility according to a principle that users already appreciate for music and movies: On Demand. Because in the end, people need the ride, not the vehicle.

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„Sharing is the new owning! With our mobility offer combined with MOQO's intuitive app, we can offer customers a flexible and easy-to-use car sharing system.“
Beat Bättig

Simple and fast setup

Start from 5 Vehicles

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