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Integrate Your Own Help Center
Feature | Support Bundle
2 February, 2023 by

Your sharing offer is special? Then your help center should be too. The previous MOQO Helpcenter was mainly able to answer common, platform-based topics. Now it's getting an upgrade.
With this new feature you have the possibility to add your own support to the MOQO support elements. This way, sharing-specific questions can be answered quickly and users can be supported even better.

There Are Questions Only You Can Answer

Many questions from your driver community relate to common usage instructions regarding sharing in general or the correct use of the app. MOQO is ideally positioned for this and can support your drivers directly via the app.

But what if you have individual peculiarities in your sharing offers? The vehicles are parked on a certain level in the parking garage, there is a special access system and so on.

Perhaps you have a different focus in support or need to set up your own help center to provide direct support to users yourself.

In any case, you know your driver group best and can add value and increase satisfaction through your individual support.

What It Can Look Like in Practice

One of the first users is the Norwegian car sharing provider Bilkollektivet. The help is in Norwegian, but even without the appropriate language skills you will realize during the exploration how extensive and useful an individual help page can be structured.

(You can view the help by registering for the Norwegian provider's service via the MOQO app or Bilkollektivet app and then selecting the menu item "Help" > "Open Help Center" to access the providers pages embedded in the app).

Replace or Complement?

Basically, there is one overriding question when setting up the system: Should the help area serve as a supplement to the existing MOQO help or replace it completely?

There are good reasons for both approaches. Either your offer needs small additional information in the help, then we recommend to use the proven MOQO support elements as well. Or your offer of help functions is very extensive - in the case of Bilkollektivet due to the language - , then you should completely replace the MOQO help with your own.

The MOQO Support Elements

                MOQO offers a combination of three different support elements as standard:

                • Chat support

                • E-mail support

                • Telephone support (hotline)

                Chat support

                As a rule, "MOMO" the MOQO chatbot knows answers to all common questions and can thus answer most requests automatically. It makes use of an internal library that is regularly refreshed and expanded.

                  E-mail support

                  Users can then send unanswered chat queries to the support team by e-mail. These are regularly processed by the support team so that your drivers' questions do not remain unanswered for long.

                    Telephone support (hotline)

                    The shortest route for acute questions that the chatbot cannot answer can be resolved via our trained telephone support. Especially when users are standing in front of a booked vehicle that cannot be opened or a problem arises during the journey, the support here creates trust for your sharing service. And that 24/7.

                    Support Bundle Specifications

                    • live since January 2023

                    • for providers with a Basic partnership or higher.

                    • applicable on team or provider level

                    • applicable as supplement or replacement for MOQO support elements

                    • setup under Portal > Provider Admin > Main Menu > Support Bundles


                    As a sharing provider on the MOQO platform, you can find a quick setup guide through the MOQO Academy.

                    Custom Drivers Support Leads to Long-term Relationships

                    An effectively operated support creates trust in you as a provider. It is important that all elements fit well with your offering and that rapid problem resolution is guaranteed around the clock.

                    This is an important building block for long-lasting customer relationships and general user acceptance in your local market. Users need to feel secure and need to know they have a contact person when they first use the service or in the event of an emergency. 

                    With the new feature, you can better serve your community by providing a support component specifically for your sharing offering. This has already been tested intensively and can now be integrated directly into the app of your users in just a few clicks. 

                                                        MOQO 2 February, 2023
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