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Feature | MOQO Academy
28 August, 2023 by

Don't be overwhelmed by the possibilities of your sharing platform! The MOQO Academy is a self-learning tool that gives you, as a provider on the MOQO platform, answers to common questions and step-by-step instructions - and that continuously grows with the platform. This keeps you up to date on features and news. Find an overview of the feature here.

What is the MOQO Academy?

Think of MOQO Academy as a kind of news channel that keeps you informed about everything important that happens on the MOQO platform. This information allows you to interact independently with all elements of the platform.

If you want to get to your destination quickly, use the search function. Alternatively, take some time to browse through the various topics. These include onboarding, optimizing offers, serving customer requests, and more. Good to know: The Academy is being expanded on an ongoing basis.

The MOQO Academy in short

  • Articles on all relevant areas of the MOQO platform

  • Relevant tips for newcomers and professionals

  • Media mix of text, graphics, videos and download material

  • available in German and English

  • incl. search function to find answers quickly

Why You Should Use the Academy

Do you know the story of the woodcutter who didn't have time to sharpen his saw and instead struggled to cut down a tree with a dull saw?

As we regularly see in everyday life, this metaphor can also be applied to sharing providers who don't take the time to understand their sharing system and its features before they start setting it up. If, on the other hand, you know what the possible settings are for your offering and how to skillfully combine them, you can create a targeted shared mobility offering. You can find answers to your questions quickly and easily in the Academy.

Generate new content

If you are still missing an answer or explanation, please use the function "Submit request" so that we can close this gap soon.

The Individual Topics at a Glance

For a better orientation in the Academy, you will find an overview of the different topics here.


If you do not know exactly which subject area your request is assigned to, use the Academy's search function. You will find it centrally in the header on the start page and in the individual categories at the top right.

1) Getting started with onboarding

In this category you will find articles about the first steps as a new provider at MOQO. For example, the initial platform setup, how to order the right telematics units, how to verify yourself with the payment provider Stipe, how to create a white label app or how to set up an exclusive sharing portal.

2) Events

This section is about MOQO events. You will find information about upcoming events as well as reviews and recordings of previous events, such as MOQO Summit 2023, MOQO Product Review 2022 or product demos. The product demos give you a general overview of the structure and features of the MOQO platform, which is especially helpful for newcomers, but also a good refresher for experienced vendors.

Review: MOQO Summit 2023 →

3) Data Privacy

This category will help you with everything related to data privacy. You will find the DPA template for download, the list of MOQO subcontractors and an FAQ.

4) Features for regular operations

This is all about recurring processes and your day-to-day operations. Topics include your vehicles, deployments and rates, bookings, fees, return areas, driver's license validation, booking calendar, Provider Task Board, customer service, and much more. You will also find the Changelog in this section, which provides information about recent and upcoming changes to the MOQO platform.

How to keep your sharing vehicles ready for use →

                  5) Features for extended operations

                  This topic area is particularly relevant for PRO, PLUS or PREMIUM partners, as it deals with details on extended features, e.g. white label apps, access systems, automated invoice management, credit and identity checks, fleets etc.

                  6) Business model, strategy and operative optimization

                  In this category you can download further guides and market studies.

                  Learning what it is all about: Guides and studies →

                  7) Support for drivers

                  A good customer service must be trained. That's why we provide help for support agents here (including viewing bookings, validating driver's licenses, viewing parking spaces, ...). You will also find answers to common questions asked by drivers, for example regarding preferred stations, payment collection or reporting damages.

                  Tech Corner

                  The Tech Corner is a bit more technical. You will find detailed insights into the software of the MOQO platform and related services, such as APIs, cookies or PCI compliance.

                  Continuous Learning with the MOQO Academy

                  With every new feature and every change on the MOQO Platform, new opportunities arise for providers. That's why the MOQO Academy is constantly evolving, just like the MOQO Platform. New articles are continuously added and old ones updated. It is therefore worthwhile to check in regularly and stay up to date.

                  The Academy is accessible to all providers on the MOQO platform.

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