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MOQO Summit 2023: Review
Collaboration! Achieve more together
31 May, 2023 by

Focussing on a dynamic exchange and the connections between like-minded people. Because after all, sharing experiences and reflecting together on challenges in daily shared mobility operations is the great strength of our network.

From that perspective, the event was a complete success. Almost everything was represented among 100 participants. From small to large, with a wide variety of vehicle types, from associations to municipal utilities to pure sharing providers, from existing customers to external market experts and cooperation partners. This allowed as much knowledge and perspectives as possible to be shared over 1.5 days.

Why having a Summit?

  • Connect providers with one another ✅

  • Better understand the needs of providers ✅

  • Develop ranking list for product enhancement proposals ✅

  • Enable better usage of the platform ✅

  • Show the faces behind MOQO  ✅

Results in numbers...

  • 100+ sharing operators and brand experts

  • 1.5 days to have said it all

  • 1 exceptional venue

  • 9 speakers

  • 10 workshops to learn, share and engage in

  • 6 meals

  • Numerous takeaway insights

  • 100% confirmation that providers and product services need a platform to exchange

...and in words

The origin of the Summit

Question: Why does a start-up need its own summit?

Answer: Because there are things that can only be achieved in a community.

It has been clear for some time that we need to bring our providers together so that they can all benefit from each other's knowledge and be successful in what is still a young product segment. We have therefore been continuously searching for suitable formats and locations to generate the most productive exchange possible between experts.

The first MOQO Summit 2020 was already in the making. Then Corona came along and forced us to initially cancel and continue with digital events in the following years. The first Summit in 2023 confirmed this: Providers and product platform both benefit significantly from a direct exchange on site.

Photos by Patrick Engels

Results of a Broad Agenda

In the end, valuable content was presented or jointly developed over 1.5 days. In 9 presentations, market experts shared exclusive knowledge. In 10 workshops, participants worked together on best practices and solution approaches to make everyday work more effective.

Particularly exciting: The event also actively influenced and drove product development. On the one hand, through intensive discussions on a large and small scale. On the other hand, in a new format in which participants could vote for the next features on the platform and thus create more than just a mood.

Talks and Speakers

    Nils Reißig (Head of Carsharing)
    Flinkster Carsharing / DB Connect

    LinkedIn ⟶

    Gunnar Froh (CEO)

    Wunder Mobility

    Morten Munch-Olsen (CEO)


    Dominik Grimm (Head of Business Development)

    LinkedIn ⟶

    Michael Minis (CEO)


    Simon Schmitz (CSO | Prokurist) | Maximilian Aydt (Project Manager)


    Mario Ortegón-Cabrera (Principal Program Manager)

    LinkedIn ⟶

    Harald Grassl


    Bharath Devanathan, Robert Kersten, Jakob Otting



                  A matrix of different workshop types and topics was the strategy to provide beginners as well as professionals with helpful content.

                  The result was 10 workshops spread over 1.5 days, which could be deepened in the networking areas afterwards.

                  Voting for new features

                  The event also contained various printouts about the customer journey and upcoming feature requests.

                  On the "Prio Wall", participants could vote for the further developments on the platform that were most important to them. A special feature of the on-site event was that participants had the opportunity to influence and convince each other and thus lend more weight to their concerns.

                    Details in the Academy

                    Providers on the MOQO platform can find detailed information on the results in the MOQO Academy.

                    Please feel free to contact us via the usual channels.

                    We’ll Follow Up Next Year!

                    In summary, it remains to say that we can only be satisfied with such committed and motivated partners. Over 1.5 days, we achieved everything we could have wished for a debut event. We are already evaluating the feedback on the event in order to be prepared next year - for the MOQO Summit 2024.

                                                        MOQO 31 May, 2023
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