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Sharing Enterprise

Shared Mobility for smooth growth

The MOQO platform helps you keep costs low while increasing the utilization of your sharing services. You can map complex service structures and expand them easily.

  • Map diverse business models
  • Clear task management
  • Individual adaptations on the platform
  • Migration during your ongoing operations
  • Stable platform, even with high traffic

Best Practices

"Alternative mobility solutions are in high demand and flexibility is playing an increasingly important role. This innovative car sharing concept offers something for everyone. The offer is interesting for all those who want to share a car and combine sustainable mobility with state-of-the-art technology.“
Dominik Grimm
Projektleiter sharetoo

Norway's profitable car sharing provider

Bilkollektivet is not only the largest, but also the only profitable car sharing provider in Norway. This success is strongly related to the management of the business - and not least to strongly user-centric and long-term approaches.

Minimize effort, maximize utilization

To be profitable, it is not only local regulations and local demand that matter, but also the efficiency of internal workflows. MOQO provides the basis for your operational excellence.

Operational excellence guide ⟶

Managing large fleets as a team

Provider Task Board is your task management tool that ensures no task is missed, even for large fleets and teams. Tasks are created event-based, but can also be created manually. 

Customize customer journeys

Depending on the settings of your sharing offers, the interfaces in the app also adapt to bring your users to their destination as efficiently as possible. 

White label solutions empower branding

Your brand is in focus, because it's about the user experience of your drivers. This starts with the setup of your logo and your vehicle images. PLUS partnerships and above also have the option of using a white label app.

Approved migration of running services

You want to use the MOQO platform but already have an existing sharing system? The migration of users and offers has already been tested several times and the process has been continuously improved so that your operation can run smoothly during the removal.

Moving to MOQO ⟶

Successful migrations of larger systems usually start with an initial alignment between your requirements and the MOQO solution.

Key facts

Customized sharing in solid structures 

Key account manager

For the ideal use of the platform, a key account manager is at your side. This allows you to discuss queries and improvement approaches directly with an expert.

Project related software enhancement

The first step is to compare the existing system with your requirements. Features that turn out not to be available but indispensable can be planned and implemented in project work.

Fast setup of new locations

Expand your business territory with new locations. The setup is done in a few steps and new locations can be clearly integrated into the existing structure.

B2B and B2C solutions

You can tailor your offer to both end customers and intermediate customers. Multiple access to a single fleet as well as the differentiation between business and private use are possible.

Frequent software updates

You benefit from a system that is always up to date. The app is continuously developed and thus reacts to market changes, user feedback and the needs of the operators. 

Marketing tools and evaluation

Link your campaigns with the platform's marketing tools. A discount code system and a friends referral process are available.

All-in-one software

The Basis for All Providers

Driver app

Access to your vehicles. Drivers can find new offers, book vehicles, and manage invoices. All in your branding. About the app ⟶

Provider portal

Your central setup tool that lets you design offerings, monitor activities, and plan care - As a team and with an overview. About the portal ⟶

Setup and services

Simple processes and a Customer Success Team help with, for example, connecting new vehicles, migrating existing systems, 24/7 support, training and special issues. Connectivity ⟶

Features and modular design

Design individual offers in a modular system. Use numerous tools and features that can be easily added and customized. Features ⟶


  • Premium partnership on request

  • Analysis before project start

  • Migration of running services

Recommended plans

 Available plans ⟶