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Combine vehicle types

Mixed Mobility Software

The mobility needs of drivers are complex. As a provider, you can benefit from offering multiple vehicle types simultaneously via MOQO, managing them in a single backend and providing them within the same app access. This way, you expand your user group and the utilization of your vehicles.

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The classic in shared mobility. You have the choice from microcar to van, as a combustion engine or with an electric motor.

Bike Sharing

Bicycles are the alternative for short distances. Particularly as e-bikes or cargo bikes, they bring numerous people and loads to their destination in sharing.

Electric scooter sharing

The revival of the moped. Thanks to the new attractive (e-)models, the maneuverable motorized two-wheelers are receiving new attention.

Register once, use all vehicles

Once users have registered, they have a mix of different vehicle types at their disposal. Commuting to work with a scooter, shopping with a small car, and then a weekend trip with an e-bike. 

The booking options are regulated by the user's driver's license and the individual settings by you as the sharing provider.

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Extend user groups

Add subscription models to target specific user groups, combine use cases with different vehicle types, and for example serve frequent drivers appropriately.

By adding further vehicle types or networking with other providers, you become an attractive mobility supplier for your drivers.

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Seamless mobility

Rail travelers have to cover the last few kilometers to their destination? Tourists want to save loading their own bikes? Your vehicles for spontaneous rental are the perfect complement to public transport, private cars and delivery services.

With your shared mobility services, you offer an elementary building block for seamlessly coordinated mobility chains. 


In Shared Mobility, users have the choice. By expanding the range of vehicle types offered, vehicles can be selected according to their use and precisely meet demand.

„Our BARshare cargo bikes are a good addition to our electric car pool. Under the motto "Heavy made light", we offer a good alternative to those who want to do without a car altogether.“ 
Saskia Schartow
Project manager BARshare (Kreiswerke Barnim GmbH)

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