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Easy Access While Maintaining Security
Driver's license check with Jumio
9 November, 2022 by

In Germany, as in many other countries, vehicle owners are obliged to check the valid driver's license of users before they start driving. The check also serves as an identity check.
In practice, driver's license verification is also one of the key barriers to preventing fraud. Choosing the right provider that combines cost efficiency and security is crucial here.
With Jumio, MOQO has integrated a solution for driver's license validations that not only performs verifications quickly, but also in high quality.

Safety for Vehicles and Users

Not only among providers on the MOQO platform, but across the whole industry, there was an increase in attempted and unfortunately also successful cases of fraud in car and bike sharing this year. Just like private cars, sharing vehicles are a target for vandalism and theft. 

MOQO develops new security measures and features to protect fleets of vehicles on a regular basis. The crux of the matter is to simultaneously enable the most pleasant and simple use possible for drivers and thus ensure attractive offers. To this end, new fraud prevention features have recently been introduced on the MOQO platform, and others are in the pipeline.

The driver's license verification offers an ideal opportunity to verify the identity of the user. Providers can choose between on-site verification, digital manual verification, and third-party providers integrated into the platform, such as PostID or Jumio. The latest covers extensive countries as well as IDs and offers a fast evaluation. 

Jumio Creates Trust by Technology

Jumio is the leading provider of end-to-end identity proofing, risk assessment and eKYC/AML compliance solutions. With many years of experience in identity verification, Jumio also provides solutions for car rental, ridesharing, micro mobility and vehicle manufacturers. Jumio ensures that the person specified is who they say they are. This protects the provider's fleet so that it is freely available to well-intentioned customers, and helps with local compliance requirements for checking valid driver's licenses - on the MOQO platform, the check takes place regularly every 6 months. 

Jumio has several advantages, as the following comparison shows.

Types of driver's license validation in comparison

* tested average value

Jumio for Users of the MOQO App

Integration in the process

    The driver's license verification takes place during onboarding. Without a validated driver's license, drivers can sign up for sharing offers, view vehicles and perform basic functions, but cannot book vehicles.

    Verification with Jumio is intuitive and takes just a few steps. Users receive a notification as soon as the verification is complete and vehicles can be booked. On average, this takes up to 3 minutes, only in rare cases a little longer, so that a registration can be made directly at the station or at the vehicle.

    Process of the validation

            Upgrade: Coming Soon

            An extension of the existing verification is currently being developed. With this, the check will additionally include a recording of the ID card as well as the query of a video recording. This measure will once again significantly enhance the security of identity and driver's license checks.

                          Activate Jumio as Sharing Provider

                          As a provider, you can activate Jumio for your car sharing accounts in just a few steps.

                          All you need to do is log in to the portal via the Team Administrator role in the desired team account. There you will find the selection Jumio (Netverify) under Settings -> Driver License Validation.

                          Hint: To see Jumio as an option there, make sure it got activated on your provider-acount. If it is not activated yet, please reach out to your customer success team the usual way.

                                          The Challenges are Increasing, and so are the Solutions for Safety

                                          Jumio is to vehicle providers what the firewall is to the computer. An effective method for securing the vehicle fleets of sharing providers. Mobility services providers must detect and respond to increasingly sophisticated fraud attacks quickly and accurately to reduce business impact while also maintaining customer trust. According to recent global Jumio research, 80% of consumers prefer the assurances delivered by digital identity verification measures when choosing online brands.

                                          Jumio helps mobility businesses know and trust their users and protect online ecosystems from fraud, money laundering and other financial crimes during account onboarding, authentication and ongoing transaction processes. The good news is that the measures to prevent fraud are being continuously developed to make vehicle sharing as safe as possible for providers and users.

                                          MOQO 9 November, 2022
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