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Use Cases for Shared Mobility 

Who are the shared mobility providers and what are the benefits for them? A selection of the industries that operate digital vehicle rental and a description of the use cases can be found here.

Vehicle rental

Car, bike or scooter sharing take a fresh look at processes and structures. In this way, structures can be mapped digitally and processes automated.

At the same time, intuitive apps and freedom in designing your tariff models ensure high user acceptance and thus increased utilization.

Cities and municipal utilities

Become an innovation driver in your city and distinguish yourself by providing attractive services that address the challenges of today.

Sharing enterprises

The MOQO platform helps you keep costs low while increasing the utilization of your sharing services. You can map complex service structures and expand them easily.

Full service reseller

Do you know exactly what a shared mobility product should look like? Do you have your own processes and service elements that you want to offer your customers? Use the MOQO platform as a solid basis for stability and attractive customer journeys. That way you can focus with your capacities exclusively on your key business areas.

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