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Shared Mobility Systems

Sharing is the new renting - with secure and fast registration of your users and access to the vehicles via app. You determine the vehicles and conditions and have the greatest possible freedom of design.


To use a car, all that is needed is the app and an existing Bluetooth connection to the vehicle. The key is stored. Drivers are thus mobile without contact and with little effort.

Bike Sharing

The app opens the lock on the bike or the bolt on the bike station. With the pause function, the bike can also be locked securely while on the move.

Scooter Sharing

Electric scooters can also be controlled via the app. The helmets in the top case ensure the necessary safety on the road. Riders can move easily and dynamically through traffic. In rural regions, young drivers can use the app for mobility.

Mixed Mobility

Combine different types of vehicles in one sharing offer. This will expand your user group and make you even more attractive to existing customers.

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