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Success Story Hop-On: Corporate Sharing by Mainova

Financial Predictability through Corporate Sharing



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70% of employees in Europe want their employer to support sustainable mobility solutions - for example, a carsharing service at the company's location. 

Mainova has recognized this potential and operates exclusive sharing offers for companies with Hop-On. In return, Mainova receives a fixed monthly fee - and benefits not only from stable, predictable revenue, but also from a lower fraud and damage rate. 

Find out in the case study

  • how corporate sharing works at Mainova

  • how this use case helps Mainova achieve greater financial predictability

  • why there is less fraud in corporate sharing

  • what advantages company sharing offers have for companies and employees

  • which features of the MOQO platform support this use case

About Mainova and Hop-On

Mainova is the leading energy service provider in Frankfurt am Main and a partner of the municipal utility network Thüga. As sustainability and climate protection play a major role for the company, it is only natural that it also focuses on electromobility and carsharing in its projects. In this context, Mainova has been operating the Hop-On sharing service since 2017.

Since then, around 6,000 users have already saved around 14,000 tons of CO² with the hop-on electric vehicles. The users are employees, trainees, administrative staff, guests and members of residential or commercial properties. This is precisely who the Hop-On Sharing service is aimed at: companies, local authorities, hotels and real estate - throughout Germany.

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