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5 Reading Tips On The Topic Of Operational Excellence
OPEX for Shared Mobility
21 December, 2021 by

Over the past weeks and months, we've spent a lot of time on the topic of Operational Excellence: Putting it at the center of our MOQO Summit 2021, writing blog articles and publishing a 43-page guide. But we're not the only ones with something to say about optimizing internal processes and operations. That's why we recommend a mix of selected media here that you can use to continue learning. 

Consolidated Knowledge for Take Away

This guide offers an easy introduction, extensive knowledge, best practices, tips & tricks. In 43 pages, you'll learn how to perform better with your team and add value to your offerings.

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Tip 1: Book

“The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement” by Jeffrey Liker and James Franz

The book is part of the bestselling series "The Toyota Way" and examines the concept of Operational Excellence from a practical and reflective perspective. The authors use the automotive manufacturer Toyota, the prime example of Lean Management and Kaizen, as well as other exciting case studies to analyze internal factors relevant to success.

                    Tip 2: Podcast

                    “The Operational Excellence Show” with Marianne Rutz

                    As a management consultant, Marianne Rutz helps her clients achieve Operational Excellence in (multilingual) Customer Service. In her podcast "The Operational Excellence Show", she speaks weekly with experts in customer service on topics such as process optimization, people management, 6 Sigma, etc.

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                    Tip 3: Blog

                    “The Lean Thinker” by Mark Rosenthal

                    Mark Rosenthal has 20 years of experience as a director and manager in Lean Management, Kaizen and Operational Excellence. On his blog, he regularly takes his readers into these areas, drawing on his many years of experience and sharing his exciting thoughts on the continuous pursuit of improvement. 

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                    Tip 4: Article

                    “Why do we undervalue competent management”, Harvard Business Review

                    Many organizations still think that success depends primarily on their own strategy and leadership. However, a study by the Harvard Business Review shows that it is the excellence of internal processes and procedures that is most important - and these are by no means as easy to copy from the competition as is often feared. 

                    Tip 5: Research Report

                    The Global State of Operational Excellence 2021/2022 from BTOES Insights

                    The online content platform BTOES Insight deals with the topics of business transformation and Operational Excellence across all industries. The latest study focuses on the current status of Operational Excellence: What are the new developments? What are the current trends? What are the challenges?  

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                    Operational Excellence Means Lifelong Learning

                    Just as your Operational Excellence will never be complete, you will not at some time know all there is to know about it. In order to constantly strive for excellence and to continuously revise and improve your own processes, you must also continuously learn. Also because the shared mobility industry and technological developments are evolving as fast as your customers' requirements.

                    We hope that the above reading and listening tips can be of help to you in this regard. If you have any other recommendations, we would be happy to hear from you.

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                    Operational Excellence at a Glance

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                    MOQO 21 December, 2021
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