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The Strongest Partner to a Fleet Manager
MOQO Light | Feature
6 September, 2021 by

Fleet managers are skilled at managing corporate vehicle pools. They oversee all operational tasks, process employee requests and know which vehicles are available. They are also the company's internal support, providing communication and action.
MOQO Light now supports fleet managers and drivers in their everyday work. Bookings can be created by drivers directly in the app, in the booking portal or by the fleet manager on a driver’s behalf. Administrative tasks are handled easily and vehicle utilization is optimized. Administering the vehicle keys remains with the fleet managers.
With the booking software, you can use MOQO without installing telematics hardware in your vehicles and utilize helpful features to effectively manage larger fleets.

1. Who Benefits from Booking Software?

  • One booking tool for the entire fleet

  • Integration of carsharing vehicles (and of all vehicles in one app)

  • For rental processes without telematics hardware

  • Inclusion of  special vehicles

Using booking software without vehicle integration is a suitable entry-level model in fleet management. Booking and management processes are carried out flexibly and clearly, thus further supporting fleet managers in their work.

This makes MOQO Light an attractive component for all companies with medium to large vehicle fleets utilized for business trips. Fleet managers and employees alike benefit from the streamlined processes and intuitive design. 

MOQO Light was developed for sharing providers who do not want to install telematics hardware. This use makes sense, for example, with company vehicle fleets that already have a vehicle management system in place but can be further optimized with modern booking software. Later on down the line, a telematics hardware can be installed to further the benefits of carsharing.

2. How does MOQO Light work?

From the employee’s point of view

MOQO accompanies drivers throughout the entire booking process, starting with the search of an available vehicle. A driver can make a booking directly in the app or booking portal. Alternatively, a fleet manager can assign the booking to a driver and can therefore plan fleet occupancy in the long term. 

Before the trip begins, the key is obtained directly from the fleet manager and returned after the trip. During the trip, the MOQO App provides support with damage management, a charging station finder and other helpful features. 

To offer an attractive employee perk, the private booking of vehicles outside of working hours can be enabled.

Compared to conventional fleet management, the driver gets more flexibility of use within the framework of the conditions specified by the company.

A contactless handover can be carried out from a PRO Partnership on with the integration of key boxes. 

From the fleet manager’s point of view 

MOQO Light supports fleet managers in their daily work and helps them keep track of large vehicle fleets. The operational control well as the organization of vehicle keys remains with the manager.

Fleet managers can see which vehicles are available and which are in use. They can plan for the long term and assign vehicles directly to individual drivers through a booking.

Vehicle tasks can be planned and coordinated through the Provider Task Board, including damage management and vehicle maintenance and cleaning. If required, a driver's logbook can also be kept digitally and it will be in compliance with the tax authorities.

The booking software also supports regularly required driver's license checks. A driver's license can be confirmed directly with the fleet manager or through a digital driver's license validation.

      MOQO Light at a Glance 

      MOQO Light is an effective tool for fleet management. Companies with a medium to large fleet especially benefit from it. Fleet managers are supported in their daily work. Drivers can flexibly plan their vehicle use. As a streamlined software solution, MOQO Light is ready for immediate use and can be quickly set up for all new customers.

                                          MOQO 6 September, 2021
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