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On The Pulse Of Time With The Family Feature
Feature | Family Sharing
10 May, 2022 by

What is already common with Netflix, Spotify, Apple & Co. also works in Shared Mobility: Family Sharing. Members of a family can save on registration and subscription costs, and providers are happy about new and more satisfied customers.

The son rides a city bike to soccer practice, the daughter and her boyfriend take day trips on an e-moped, the father drives the grandparents to a doctor's appointment in a carsharing car, and the mother uses an e-bike to get to work. In a family, members have different mobility needs. With the new "Family Sharing" feature, they are able to act as a family with a shared mobility provider and enjoy financial as well as organizational benefits as a result. This is something that many people are already familiar with from various streaming services for music, movies or games. 

The question of how all family members get from A to B on time is one that arises for the family as a whole. That's why it makes sense to answer it together. For example, with attractive access to shared mobility. Just as a family would probably not want to pay for an independent Spotify account for each individual, it would not want to pay the registration fee for carsharing individually.

So with family sharing, you as a provider address and meet the needs and demands of families. Families can save fees and use a common payment method.

In turn, you not only give your offer a modern and contemporary touch, but also attract new customers who might otherwise never have become one.

How Family Sharing Works

Users with an active account can create a new family via the "Family sharing" menu item in the MOQO app. To invite relatives, friends or acquaintances to join them, they share the invitation link that appears. The invited people click on the link and create their own profile in the MOQO app. 

Depending on the selected settings of the sharing provider, the family members thereby save the registration fee and/or the monthly basic fee for the respective subscription. In principle, an unlimited number of members can be added to a family. However, a provider can limit the number of those who benefit from the advantages granted. Additional members would have to bear the registration costs and the subscription fee themselves.

In any case, however, all family members use the payment method deposited by the family organizer. This always receives a notification of the expected costs when a booking is created and of the actual costs at the end of the booking. The members of the family thus do not pay for their journeys themselves via the app.


Users can only be part of one family per sharing provider. If they join a new family, the membership of the old one may expire. If the organizer wants to join a new family, he or she must first confirm that the old family will be deleted. 

Set The Ground Rules As A Provider

As a provider you have the following options to customize family sharing according to your offering: 

  • Type of benefits: Only joint payment method or also waiver of registration fee, subscription fee, or both fees

  • Limit the number of family members who can use benefits (all members beyond this limit use only common payment method)

Best Practice Tip

Create different offers that your customers can choose from according to their needs. For example:

  • an offer with a low basic fee without the possibility of family sharing

  • an offer with a higher basic fee, to which users can grant access to other persons via family sharing 

    How You Benefit From Family Sharing As A Provider

    Your customers are not the only ones to enjoy the benefits of family sharing. As a provider, you have your share, too. After all, family sharing leads to organic user growth. Existing users who want to give others access to your service basically act as multipliers. For you, this means a growing customer base that will make more and more bookings in the next step.

    The family sharing feature increases the attractiveness of your offer. On the MOQO platform, it is already used by more than 10,000 drivers. Providers can use it to set themselves apart from the competition and achieve a unique selling proposition in their local shared mobility market.

    And, last but not least: Collective billing across family organizers also simplifies your accounting. Instead of validating and managing each family member's payment method, you do it only for their organizers.

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