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Country Checks: Is MOQO Available for me?
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10 October, 2023 by

You’re a sharing provider wondering about the feasibility of MOQO in your country? This article explores the practical aspects and benefits of using our platform on an international scale. Gain valuable insights into the challenges of international sharing offers and check how MOQO ensures high quality, even from afar.

From Startup to Global Presence

MOQO, a startup born in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, has grown significantly in the past decade, expanding its customer base both in Germany and internationally while expanding the use cases.

One of our strengths lies in leveraging insights from diverse mobility providers across different markets. Collaborating with partners worldwide has allowed us to accumulate a valuable knowledge base, benefitting every player in our growing network.

However, this international expansion has created unique challenges. We actively learn from these experiences, continually enhancing our approach while developing country-specific features. Additionally, we explore new markets through Proof of Concept (POC) pilots, refining solutions for each region.

Embrace the Advantages

Discover the benefits of being part of MOQO's global network:

  • Global Reach, Local Expertise: Tap into a diverse network of mobility providers worldwide, learning from market leaders and local heroes. Start exchanging ideas with like-minded peers.

  • Inspired by Diversity: Benefit from a platform influenced by various markets, offering tailored solutions for your specific region.

  • Seamless Integration: Integrate the cutting-edge MOQO platform effortlessly into your existing environment. Connect it to your tools using our API interfaces.

  • Customizable Solutions: Setup MOQO based on your individual business model, creating a unique brand experience for your users.

Proofs of Concept

Here you find an overview of up and running countries. Starting from initial proof of concept pilots to local market leaders running on our platform, using a suite of tools, services, and processes. 

Explore MOQO in Your Country

Our suggestion: Discover the journey firsthand in your country by testing an existing sharing offer with the MOQO app. We like to connect you to local partners, so you can talk about collaborations with them.

Get Added as a New Country

Couldn't find your country on MOQO's map? We're always excited to explore new environments! In the past gaps and missing elements could be addressed by collaborative project development. Let's connect and discuss the details. 

Survey: Mentalities and tastes of users in different regions

We are always curious about the facts and specialties of wonderful people around the globe. How do they act, what's their preferences? 

Right now we are gathering peculiarities and unexpected facts on local markets.

We would appreciate it if you participate with your insights on the following survey, so we can learn together.

Details Matter - the Elements to Check on

Launching a sharing offer, whether locally or internationally, requires careful consideration of crucial details to ensure success. Regardless of whether you choose an existing software solution or opt to build your platform from scratch, the following essential elements demand your attention.


Stage 1
English as a backup option 
When your language is unavailable, English serves as the fallback option. Based on the behavior of your residents this can already be the solution.

By the way
Support Language
English is also the support language for your B2B support at MOQO.

Stage 2
A quick start for entering a new language is our AI-based translation process. It serves with an acceptable level of quality that will guide your users through the journey.

Stage 3
Manual translations
To raise the quality, a manual translation with checks and adaptations is necessary. This has been done in collaboration with local providers for several languages.

App (driver) Portal (provider)
English manual
German manual
Dutch manual
French manual AI
Hungarian manual   manual  
Italian manual
Norwegian AI
Romanian manual   manual  


It’s essential to have a strong payment engine running in the background. In terms of countries, three main elements are in focus:

(Value Added Tax)
Basically every tax rate can be set up for your drivers’ payments. Nevertheless, the set up has to be double checked for new countries, e.g. because of invoice regularities.

The payment engine can deal with every currency related to the countries shown in the payment methods.

Payment Methods
Related to your country there are different payment methods available for your drivers.

Driver’s license checks

To provide vehicles requiring a driver's license, sharing providers are obliged to check the existence of a valid driver's license. 

In some countries, the legal requirements are less strict, and could be handled via terms and conditions. In that case performing a driver's license validation is still recommended for the safety of your vehicles.

You can choose between:

Manual on-site validation
Driver's licenses can be checked by your staff on site. In that case you instruct your team and describe the location to go to for drivers in your account.

Digital manual validation
The manual check is also available in a digital format. Drivers upload their documents and your staff validates it within your business hours.

Automated Jumio validation
Jumio is one of the world's leading softwares for identity checks. In a best case scenario Driver's license validation takes only 3 minutes, can be performed independently of time and location, and is compatible with the European data protection regulations of the DSGVO.

Hardware integration and vehicle maintenance

OBU Installation (On-Board Unit / Telematic hardware)
In order to connect with the sharing platform, an OBU is needed. As a provider you coordinate OBU installation with the chosen hardware manufacturer. Most manufacturers offer country-specific solutions, and will coordinate the setup with you.

Vehicle Maintenance
Your job here is to ensure proper vehicle care with internal staff or external service solutions at your location. MOQO supports you here with maintenance features and a knowledge base for efficient fleet management. Keep your fleet running smoothly and users satisfied with well-maintained vehicles.

Caring for drivers: your support center

Supporting drivers and addressing their needs is needed for a successful sharing business. There are several options to establish a support system that ensures drivers receive prompt assistance and resolution to their queries.

In any way creating a dedicated support team for drivers in your region is highly recommended. A support team can address driver inquiries, fostering trust and loyalty among users.

While the MOQO Support team primarily focuses on the D/A/CH region, we understand the significance of localized support. To cater to individual needs, MOQO introduced the "Support Bundles" feature. Within this feature, you have two options:

  1. Create your own support from scratch: Tailor your support services from the ground up, aligning them perfectly with your drivers' requirements.

  2. Set up individual services on top of MOQO elements: Leverage the default support elements provided by MOQO, such as the B2C chatbot, B2C Hotline, and B2C Mail support, and customize them to suit your specific driver support strategy.

Compliance and clarity on the legal landscape

When expanding the MOQO product to your country, ensuring compliance with all legal elements specific to that region is crucial. Each country may have unique requirements and regulations that must be met to operate your sharing services smoothly and securely. You as the local party should check the situation here.

For existing countries, it's equally important to double-check legal aspects, as individual situations may arise based on your custom-designed business model.

Success Stories on Special Detail Features

Sometimes situations need tailored solutions. In this chapter, we show a collection of success stories, where special detail features played a role in overcoming obstacles.


Automated toll collection for bilkollektivet


In Norway, tolls are an essential part of the transportation infrastructure, imposing fees on drivers based on vehicle usage. Each passing through a toll station incurs an individual fee, and these fees are aggregated into a toll system.

For bilkollektivet as a sharing provider, managing tolls manually posed significant challenges. The need for automation became apparent, as handling toll fees for numerous vehicles demanded a more efficient solution.


Based on the collaboration between bilkollektivet and MOQO, the toll handling process has been streamlined. Tolls can now be uploaded and charged there via the MOQO platform. 

It's important to note that toll regulations are specific to each country, and while the automated toll system works seamlessly for Norway, other countries may have varying requirements. Providers should verify the compatibility and functionality of the toll system in their respective countries to ensure a smooth and compliant process.

check out bilkollektivet ⟶


Bridging Borders for Velocity


Velocity faced a unique challenge in border regions, for the use case of users starting in one country and concluding in another. Commuters, in particular, were frequently crossing borders, requiring a flexible and adaptive tariff structure to accommodate varying VAT rates and other regional conditions.

Outcome: Introducing "Tariff Alternatives"

MOQO rose to the occasion and developed a feature called "Tariff Alternatives." This solution allows providers to set specific rules, for example when a booking is initiated in a separate country for the same service.

With "Tariff Alternatives," now Velocity can configure tariff versions based on a user's start location and apply different pricing structures for cross-border journeys. The platform takes into account regional VAT rates here.

check out Velocity  

Conclusion: Global Collaboration results in Shared Success

In our digitalized world, borders matter less, allowing sharing providers to expand their research for inspiration and collaboration to other countries. But we need to be aware that while global perspectives offer immense benefits, it's crucial to consider local specifications. By harmonizing both global vision and localized adaptations, providers can achieve significant success using MOQO. By using our global network we enrich our knowledge base and solutions constantly.

Let's unite to shape the future of sharing mobility, transcending borders and unlocking new possibilities for a thriving sharing economy.


MOQO 10 October, 2023
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